Thanks for visiting my website. It’s a work in progress and when finished I hope will become a tool to keep you abreast of what is happening politically in our municipality. It’s been busy since being elected, very busy. Never mind keeping up with my full-time job, a busy family and other volunteer endeavours — being a Councillor is a significant undertaking. One that eats up a lot of time in meetings, prepping for meetings,  reading reports, responding to phone calls and email, follow-up inquires, tours, training, more events… But it’s still very much an enjoyable experience. There are no regrets. I’ll address the role of the Councillor in a future post.

Hopefully over the summer I can spend more time getting this website updated and better suited to respond to resident needs. I want to keep you updated with what I’m working on and issues that are facing our communities. I also want to hear from you on a variety of issues. I’ve seen community engagement in action and it’s a good sign of health for where we live.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully the next time you decide to visit I’ll have more to offer. In the meantime, my election campaign material is all posted and you can use the contact page to get hold of me.

Patrick Melrihan