Google “Trust in Politics” and you won’t be surprised to discover Canadian’s trust in their politicians is at an all-time low. The spin, the games, the name-calling, the talking points all mean we don’t believe the hype. When fewer people participate, democracy is weakened.

Recent revelations here in Woolwich regarding our current Mayor are disheartening. Was it a simple error in accounting? Forms that were just too complex to navigate? Too much life getting in the way? Whatever the reason, there was a loophole in the system. It was only found because an “anonymous private citizen” happened to know where to look.

And why is it that it’s never the other way around? A Mayor that accidentally paid his taxes twice…. oops!

Trust is the cornerstone of the newspaper business. A newspaper’s reputation for getting the story right is it’s most important asset. For 19 years I have been part of a team to create a community newspaper that is considered one of the best in Canada. We have to earn our reader’s trust every week. Our stories have to be in the public interest, and of interest to the public.

I believe that you must do more than say you are trustworthy; you must be trustworthy.