Part of the reason the electorate feels disillusioned is because we see so many mistakes, miscues and outright improprieties on the part of politicians, all with little or no accountability.

Nobody expects perfection from anyone in their employ. It would take someone truly exceptional or not human to be perfect, so we don’t expect as much from the public sector. In my profession mistakes are made. We make them in public and our mistakes can have legal ramifications and either cost us money or our reputation. We seek out what went wrong and we discuss and/or create systems to prevent that unfavourable outcome. And most importantly, we apologize. Most people would apply this methodology to their personal lives. It’s not rocket science, it’s the ‘Golden Rule.’

Now let’s examine how Woolwich council operates.

The erroneous decision by the administration to not install a security system lead to more than $100,000 in damage in a New Years Eve rampage by two minors. A basic $500 security system with $250 per year in a monitoring service would have prevented this. Council refused to investigate the misguided decision to secure a $24-million facility. Councillors issued a blanket statement absolving themselves and anyone connected to the township from any responsibility – it was just an unfortunate incident, they claimed. The recent approval of a $60,000 security system is an overblown reaction to their misgivings.

Another example is the hiring of an executive assistant for the CAO, mayor and council, a controversy that brewed for most of the summer of 2012. The successful applicant was offered a three-year contract paying approximately upwards of $60,000. There were 120 applications received. The hire was a South African citizen in Canada at the tail-end of a student VISA set to expire within weeks. There were numerous examples to point to this being a bad hire. But in Woolwich we “move forward,” why look back? The township paid out seven weeks of work and had the audacity to say that taxpayers got good value, a claim officials still make in perpetuating this and other positions without justification. No harm done, they maintain.

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