Early American retailers coined the motto “The customer is always right” to encourage their staff to give high priority to customer satisfaction. In Germany they say, “der Kunde is Konig,” which means “the customer is king.” These early retail pioneers treated customer complaints seriously because they didn’t want their customers to feel deceived.

This philosophy doesn’t always apply to Woolwich Township. It’s not to say that Woolwich Township doesn’t have some exceptional personnel. I’ve experienced  a friendly greeting, helpfulness and the urge to solve my problems. I’ve also felt like my needs were not a priority.

Our WMC is a great source of pride for our community. Unfortunately, it’s also a source of frustration for those who use it. User groups/patrons have not been shy to voice how they feel  about the level of service they receive, but their concerns are yet to be addressed even at the highest level.

The administration is aware of deficiencies at the facility, from less-than-attentive service to less-than-stellar cleanliness. Isn’t it time something was done to ensure we show pride-of-place to those who visit the WMC?

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WMC Photo 1: The WMC’s feature window of the facility has been without some of it’s unique features for years. We should show our pride in our facilities by looking after them.

WMC Photo 2: That’s dried on blood from the mens  public washroom at the WMC. Pictures were taken the morning of Sat. Aug 23/14. A WMC attendant was notified, yet still filthy the next morning.