Sometimes we make simple things far too complicated. Planting grass is simple. Anyone can do it. Kindergärtners plant grass to learn how things grow. In Woolwich though, planting grass can take up to 3 years or more. A project on Ann and Samuel St left residents with a mess almost 4 years after the road reconstruction. The sod was not great that they supplied, and the conditions for planting were beyond what anyone could have predicted. It was nobody’s fault. But let’s just fix the problem and make it right for the residents. Doing the right thing doesn’t require endless debate.
This could have been a “good news” story for the township. Woolwich Township employs an outside crew with more than enough equipment and machinery necessary to plant grass. Half a day working alongside residents to mend their lawns would have bought a lot of goodwill, and showed people that their government cares about them. Instead, the citizens waited and waited and grew disillusioned. It was a missed opportunity to do the right thing.